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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Magna, Dec 7, 2001.

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    The scenario is one computer (Win2000) currently with a dual-monitor (AGP) card. Will be adding one or two PCI video cards (no more dual-monitor cards as I don't like the display quality on the secondary monitor) and was wondering if there is any problem having a single program like Realtick or Cybertrader utilize all the cards so that it can spread it's display across all the monitors.

    An alternative approach would be to eliminate use of dual-cards and simply use 3 or 4 standard single-monitor video cards (probably all from the same mfg). Can a program talk to 4 separate cards and display as one unified program across 4 screens? I assume it's not a problem but are there any caveats I should know about? Thanks.
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    Hi Magna
    (no more dual-monitor cards as I don't like the display quality on the secondary monitor)

    I don't know much about these things but are you sure its not just tuning your moniter thats the problem?
    I'm running matrox,I had to mess around with adjusting each moniter(differant hrtz settings on each etc)Could'nt tell any differance between the 2 now.Just a thought.
  3. I use a Matrox dual monitor card to link up to monitors ... I have them lined up at at angle

    / \

    with my keyboard underneath... very adequate for my purposes.... my trading platform is spread across both monitors and I incorporate other analtyic aids within the two monitor spread .... its jam packed and I really should be using 3 monitors.... but it just feels more cockpit like (I see to have more control) with just 2 monitors.
  4. I have 2 computers running multiple monitors with Windows 2000. One computer uses 4 separate cards (1 AGP + 3 PCI), the other uses a Matrox AGP G450 (dual monitor) + 2 PCI video cards. All cards run at 1600x1200 and 85hz except the Matrox G450 which runs at the equivalent of 1600x1200 @ 75hz (3200x1200). They do things a bit different.

    Realtick, and every other program I've used, can be spread across all monitors when unmaximized.

    All of my single monitor video cards are the no longer manufactured 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 which I chose for its 1600x1200 @ 85hz refresh rate capability and stable drivers.

    The number of video cards you use is only limited by the available slots on your motherboards.
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    The number of video cards you use is only limited by the available slots on your motherboards.

    I realize that and I'd like to limit the discussion to just using multiple single-monitor cards, say 3 or 4, assuming I have the PCI slots. (I didn't want the discussion to revolve around the pros and cons of dual-monitor cards so I'll keep it focused on single-monitor cards now). With this arrangement, are you guys saying that if I start Realtick, it will be able to "negotiate" with all the separate independent single-monitor cards, and display itself across all the monitors as one big single program?
  6. I use RT and as was posted, you simply unmaximize RT and drag it across as much as the screens as you want. I personally drag it just shy of the right edge of my third monitor. I do this because I also have an excel spreadsheet pulling realtime TAL data to give me trading ideas. This way I can always see the columns of the spread sheet that I want even if RT is the active window. I also use single monitor video cards (One in the main slot and two PCI cards).
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    I use an APPIAN JERONIMO PRO 4 monitor video card. Got it on e-Bay for $250 (retail new is about $900). I am very happy with it.

    The only problem was that I bought a Compaq PC (stupid idea, just to save $200), and it is only capable of connection 3 monitors (even though it has 512 MB of RAM, and DDR technology).

    If trying this set up, make sure to check with the PC manufacturer that your PC is capable of running all four monitors (and don't buy a Compaq).

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    Thanks, that's precisely what I was talking about.
  9. Alright, Cliff Notes version. I run Realtick on a system with 4 individual video cards (1 AGP + 3 PCI) on Windows 2000. My monitors are arranged 2 x 2 and Realtick is spread across all 4 monitors.

    When I need a new PC, I research motherboards on the net and have it assembled locally with components I specify so I cannot give you a brand name. I always pick motherboards with 6 PCI slots so they can accomodate multiple video cards w/o filling all slots.
  10. I drive 2 monitors off an AGP dual Matrox450, and 2 off a PCI dual Matrox450, running all monitors @ 1600X1200 resolution. No difference in the images that are apparent to the human eyeball. Magna, I have no idea why your second monitor displays an image of lesser quality, unless your dual card sucks. :confused:
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