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    Can a trader focus on spreads only and survive? I have seen the infomercial "Learn 2 Spread trade" is it bogus? Any input on this subject is appreciated.
  2. its not as easy as they make it out to be. Also you have to figure out what your time frame is. Some people put on a spread with a net credit at the beginning of the month and just let it sit to expiration.
  3. There "tactics" are the most elementary in the options business, and have little real value (buying straddles, praying the stock moves up or down is the big pitch...pretty costly). True spread trading, as it's done by the floor traders involves dozens of different strategies and individual instruments.

    You need to be able to consistently keep a cash flow from "short" options, in my opinion, to make any money for the longer term.

  4. You have got to be kidding ...
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    [PS - Hey metoo, how's FreePort?]

  6. It is hard to complain when you live in paradise ...
  7. What kind of connectivity did you end up with out there?
  8. It is an all fiber network, T1 to T3 speeds, selectable. Not a PTP, an internet connection; a PTP from here to Chicago is 14K per month, with 11.5 K for the 50-75 miles between Grand Bahama and Boca.

    It works fine; two other competing services available with diverse routing and unique cabling.
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    Somewhere in these threads a member posted that he worked for the folks who sold the Spread for Me and pick up the soap product that you are asking about. He indicated that these guys don't even trade. And the big money is in the sale of the counseling services. This is the same for Carleton Sheets, and all of the infomercials. You get something for 39.95, but then they want you to buy the add on for a couple grand. So the bottom line is save your cash.

    And unless you have some big cash already, or plan to take some huge risks the chances you will make BIG money are not very good. Look at the options for QQQ, DIA, MDY, IWM, and VTI and you can get an idea of what is possible.


  10. Impressive. Did you look at many other islands? Were the access solutions similar?
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