spread trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jripper55, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I would like a broker who can fill stock spread trades for me.

    The only software I have seen that can spread is TT. I don't trade enough(or want to) to warrant my own subscription, hardware, and software setup.

    I just want to call or email some spread trades into a broker a couple times a week.

    What broker does this affordably?

  2. check out think or swim ... they are the spread trading gurus
  3. I called them-they don't do it:-(

    Just to share. I have been trading Fnm vs. Fre. successfully. When they trade 0, go long. When they reach 3 to 3.5, sell.
  4. I guess I need a broker that has access to TT.

    Legging these spreads can be a little spooky
  5. OH you mean "pairs" trading not "spread" trading.
  6. I call buying one stock Fnm(fannemae) and selling another Fre(freddie mac) spreading.

    Trading pairs I thought refered to Forex.

  7. You Can't Trade stocks with TT autospreader.

    On the other hand, What you're looking for is called Pairs Trading.

    Click here.
    Take care.

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