spread trading in YM ES NQ

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  1. Is it possible to trade spreads in above instruments? Buy one expiry and sell another expiry in the same instument . Please somebody give guidance on this topic. Are there any books and other resources to read. Any information much appreciated . Thanks
  2. Lucias


    Technically it is possible.. most brokers do not support these spreads (give margin reductions). RJO futures seems to be the broker most-in-know regarding spreads. I have seen overnight margin reduction for spreading ES/NQ but I haven't found many brokers that offer that.

    It sounds like you are referring to a calendar spread.. most people doing calendar spreads are doing those in markets which have fundamental supply/demand, mostly commodities.

    Check amazon.. I picked up bout 12 spreads books there.

    Maybe Bone can add more..
  3. Thanks for your reply. I will look amazon for some books.

    If I am making profit in one expiry , I will be making a loss in another expiry. Aim is to take net profit sometimes or take net loss at other times. (using same instrument).
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    It is very easily done if you legg into them, but if you want to do as a spread, you will have to email your broker the spread difference to be filled at. I believe Daniels is pretty good broker at spreading, but I think almost any are and I believe some platforms are better at putting them on. I have always called them or emailed.

    There are a number of books on when to place spreads by dates, and a couple services like MRCI(Moore), but I have never seen an excellent book on how to trade spreads as in a method. There been a couple attempts, but none I have taken seriously. I been working on that for past few months myself.

    I think for those who like to make a more consistent profit, spreads way to go, less margin and not as wild as outright trades. BUT still have to a well backtested method.
  5. Thanks. IB does allow these spreads and in my paper trading a/c I have sold ond futures contract in NQ for june exp and bought one in sept exp. i will watch this to learn at the moment. Books mainly talk about spreads in two different products,