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Discussion in 'Trading' started by -ooO-(GoldTrade, May 6, 2003.

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    Check out Howard Abells book on spread trading. A lot of the "seasonal" stuff is bogus. Some of it is not, but most of it is.

  2. Are you Goldtrader from Clearstation??
  3. Thanks I reviewed that on Amazon.
    Stocks? No I'm the GoldTrader from misc . invest . futures
  4. Did you ever find Ross? Sometimes they go on Ebay for more than
    $120.00 a copy.

  5. Is the stuff taught by Ross "bogus" too ? Don't you have to become very knowledgeable about the fundamentals of the markets you trade and their seasonals patterns before putting on those kind of trades? I would not feel comfortable just following someone else's recommendations and trends on the spread charts.
  6. Odds on Grain Spreading by Wayne Esserman. Out of print. A classic!
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    Gold Trader-

    I think you've posted some great stuff on spreads, BUT I was always a bit suspicious of your constant hype of Joe Ross.

    Then my thoughts were confirmed when you said his books are sold on e-Bay at more than RRP!

    You're a trader, so surely you understand that no one would pay more 4 a 2nd hand copy when they can buy it new on amazon for only a few more $

    I only assume you are one of JR's team trying to flog more product.

    Maybe you can answer this: if JR is so great, and his material so valuable, why are the books so badly manufactured?
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    I have a bunch of a Ross's books, I would recommend them, if you you want to buy, pm me. 120 for a used copy is funny. Much less than that.
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