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Discussion in 'Options' started by john7093, Jan 16, 2001.

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    Has anyone taken this course? It sounds really interesting
    and is based on techniques that CBOE floor trader Jon
    Najarian uses. Problem is it costs $3,500. Is it worth the cost?


  2. WarEagle

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    I have not taken his workshop, but if its anything like his book "How I Trade Options" then I would be wary of spending that much cash on something you can learn elsewhere for much less. I purchased his book mainly because I have learned the most from books written by REAL traders and Jon has a verifiable track record. I wasn't looking so much for new techniques as I was for his insight into the business and what made him successful. For that, the book is great. But the techniques he presents for retail traders are very basic and essentially cover iron butterfly spreads as his vehicle of choice.

    Remember, his expertise is in floor trading, which is an entirely different animal than trading from "upstairs" or off the floor. The techniques he has made his fortune with are designed to take advantage of minute price discrepancies and order flow imbalances on the CBOE floor, where he can enter and exit an option in half a second and pay pennies in commissions. Not to mention as a market maker, he is catching the spread as well. These things are not available to a retail trader, especially in the options market where spreads are still artificially high and direct access to these markets have not yet reached its potential.

    So basically, all that ranting was to say save your money and use it to trade with. There is enough tuition to be paid in the market for your education. Good luck.

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