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Discussion in 'Events' started by bone, May 22, 2014.

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  1. bone

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    My preference is to let a serious prospective client perform due diligence on me - including providing to that potential client email contacts of existing clients so that they can be independently contacted and queried about their experiences. YOR - can you please share with the rest of the people on this website, why you have only four posts in 2014 - and they all appear today trolling me ?
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  2. To begin with, I have been a professional futures trader for over 10 Years clearing through a major primary clearer in London and have been part of a team of professional proprietary traders. I have been trading a mixture of strategies ranging from Spread trading to event and outright trading.

    I have largely used ET as an information portal to keep in touch with the industry hence the lack of posts from myself.

    I have known many different types of traders through my years in the industry and I felt compelled to post today because I think the industry we are in is discredited by the lack of regulations that allows people such as yourself to make outrageous and almost entirely false claims without the necessary verification, thus preying on those who may not have as much knowledge about the industry as they should.

    This is simply why I felt that your untoward comments towards Mr. Choi were not only unwarranted, but hypocritical and a foul way to attract people to your commercial ‘enterprise’.

    Bone - Yes, please can you PM me some of your clients contact details so that I can do my due diligence.

    Bone – Please can you also explain the trading statement that you have posted on your website? I have added a screen shot of what I want to query.

    You claim to have made $500k on one trade. This is DEFINITELY not shown on your statement. For those who are not familiar with trading statements, the first thing you should look for is the ‘Total Equity’, which only reads a mere $2270.92. Secondly, the figure that you have circled in red shows a deficit. Third, you fail to meet the margin deficit which reads $35.2k.

    Peter Hamby – AKA bone, you have been FONUND OUT!!!

    Peter – Do you work for elitetrader.com?

    Peter – Do you agree that your service is worth closer to $7.5 than $7.5k?

    Peter – Will you keep this false claim about your trading statement on your website?

    Please answer these for the large number of followers you have amassed.

    Kind regards. Bone's P&Ls.JPG
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  3. bone

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    1. My sincere apologies to Mr. Choi if I have ever offended him. I beg of him forgiveness.

    2. Since you know my name and clearing firm, feel free to contact Advantage Futures and ask if that's a "fake" statement as you claim. Make sure that you publicly apologize for your slander here on ET.

    3. That particular statement is a closing year 2006 statement. Those funds were totaled out and year 2007 started from a fresh balance of zero. This is common for proprietary trading accounts, and for omnibus accounts with multiple sub-accounts.

    4. You bring up a fair point: by "one trade" I meant the ICE GasOil Crack Spread, and not a singular position that was carried throughout the calendar year 2006. I will clarify that information in the website. Having said that, most readers understand what I was saying with the exception of the occasional troll.

    5. Feel free to contact the NFA or the CFTC in order to ascertain if there have been any verified findings regarding myself in terms of illegal activities.

    6. Since the vetting process works both ways, don't bother looking for any information from me for the purposes of becoming a client. But I'm sure you'll present yourself under false and nefarious pretenses like the troll you are.

    7. Since you such an experienced trader, it's a pity that you've only posted about 40 times since 2005. You should post something substantial about trading so that we may be the beneficiaries of your wisdom. You are certainly within your rights to question the monetary value of my service, but looking through my posts I'm sure you'll agree that I do participate and add technical content to the website in addition to financially supporting it.
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  4. Peter/Bone, you slippery leach.

    Let’s start.

    1) n/a

    2)+3) Nice of you to admit to your name. I do have contact with Advantage. I did not claim that your statement was false, IT IS NOT FAKE!! But what you claim it says is definitely false. I am translating this for the newbies you prey on. THIS STATEMENT DOES NOT SAY THAT YOU MADE $500k. Furthermore, it’s from 2006. It is not relevant 8 years later and the ending balance says $4390.

    Please explain why you feel this statement backs up your claim!

    4) Nobody will agree with you on this point.

    5) Nobody has accused you of doing anything illegal??? I am accusing you of preying on unsuspecting new traders.

    6) I have one ET user name. You must have a few I’m guessing as this would benefit your business??

    7) I check ET once every few weeks/months. I am not on ET to sell anything, like you. $7500 as a fee is disgusting. I have checked your posts, which is why I felt compelled to bring to the attention of the other ET users your main motive for being on the forum. As I said earlier, it’s clear that you are not new to trading, however, your tin-pot website does not convince me that you are seriously out to help new traders. YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT!

    PETER – Will you stop ripping newbies off?

    PETER – Will go through your posted statement to try and convince your followers how this proves you made $0.5m in one year?

    PETER- Will you share with anyone what your latest trades? Or is this top secret?

    PETER – Will you stop pretending that you have a secret formula that will magically transform traders lives?

    Kind Regards.
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  5. bone

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    Troll YOR, I don't take on newbies as clients. I require clients with a trading background. I refuse newbies. I've always made that clear in my posts. Hell, even my signature says that I take on experienced traders as clients.

    Find something constructive to do with your time, and if you're as experienced as you claim - then start posting positive, meaningful responses about trading. I've read your posts since 2005 ( didn't take long at all ) and you are a taker. In one post you even thank me for a response. Try being positive and contribute. You're talking nonsense.
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  6. bone

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    My latest client is a full time scientific community professional who is also an experienced options trader. Like many options traders on ET, he swing trades options and is also a full time professional. He wanted to add futures spreads to his portfolio in a measured, systematic approach.
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  7. P&L.JPG
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  8. At the risk of voiding my contract with Bone, I wanted to give an unbiased opinion of Spreadprofessor's service.

    1. The price is high = yes. However, as stated Bone ONLY wants experienced traders. Well, experienced traders are MUCH harder to train because you have to un-train them first. New clients after a few weeks/months are encouraged to post their trade setups. Often, they show head and shoulder and archaic setups with multiple squiggly lines, etc. Myself, I had a nasty habit of placing tight stops, which every few months I revert to. Point is, Bone didn't teach this stuff.

    2. The Guy really cares = Hell Yes! I'm on my 10th month of a 6month contract. Why? because I'm not ready.
    But to be clear, I contribute and I want it!

    3. The $500k trade issue = Don't know. Semantics wise, if I were to make x$ in say the "Crack spread" for 2013, I would phrase it " I made X$ trading the Crack Spread last year. "

    4. Is this the Turtle Experiment = Kinda. Richard Dennis said that he could publish his strategy in print and MOST people would lose money. In fact his original group has some who prospered and others who crashed.
    Weakest link is always the trader.

    5. Overall, Bone's experience and knowledge of spread trading in 2014 is easily top 10,5,3 in the world. However, if you trade automated by ticks and turnover 100's of trades per day, then you will need to be un-trained, unless of course your infrastructure budget can compete with the big boys.

    6. Finally, I have met and worked with a few people on ET, some were good, others would eat their children for $500..YOU KNOW who you are.. As for Bone, he's legit and cares and is very cautious as to working with the right people and especially before he lets you trade live.
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  10. bone

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    I'm not going to deconstruct my personal trading or the methodologies and strategies which I provide to clients for any person who is not a client. It is not fair to over 100 clients who have paid for intellectual property to find their investment diluted in a public forum. If that's not acceptable to anyone - so be it. Go find an original trading idea that works on your own time.
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