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    I have two openings in my training rotation. Email me at the address footer below for details and due diligence.

    Please be open to the idea of swing trading or position trading spreads, as that is what has proven to be most effective for my clients. Position holding time frames, profit targets, and stop-loss levels are systematic and are dependent upon a particular spread's historical volatility and trading ranges. Also, spread construction and curve placement is a really really important deal for us - there is so much more to spread trading than calendar pairs in the prompt months.
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    We are typically swing trading for new trend formation or confirmed trend reversal. This works great for most clients.

    I do have some clients who arbitrage, but their access to the ECN infrastructure required and frequently the physical basis is very much the exception.
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    Due to Summer holidays I am improving (extending) the contract term gratis from six months to nine months for new clients starting in June.
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    Welcome to a new client George from Canada.
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    It seems like the grains, Nat Gas, and a few Euribor setups are all we are looking at this week. The grains and Nat Gas are intramarket ( same product different month/ year) butterfly combinations.

    The softs ( especially Sugar ) have been very good for us.

    Interest Rates and Stock Indices have been heavy hitters for the past few years but other than the Euribor nothing to speak of there at present. Summer solstice setting in ?

    Profits taken, a few stops, and overall good performance metrics YTD.

    One client took a Live Hog trade - we talked about hedging it with a similar forward curve position in Corn.
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    Even the spread markets are sluggish - we are getting fewer signals but they are quality set-ups, especially in grains and Nat Gas.
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    I am pleased to announce that one of my clients from two years ago recently took an energy trading position at a hedge fund in Singapore.

    Congratulations, James.
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    I am pleased to announce that one of my clients from last year took a trading position with an electricity and fuels trading firm in Pennsylvania. Congratulations, August.
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    I am pleased to announce that one of my clients from Beirut ( the only one ) recently took an account management position with a prominent IB in London.

    All of these clients were very good before they hired me, but I did convert them over to the religion of spread trading can I get an Amen and a Hallelujah please.
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    Over the past two years in particular, we have accumulated a number of both individual and group webinar recordings where we review live and paper trade set-ups, clients review their performance metrics, and we construct spread combinations and talk about many topics like correlation analysis and execution. I also record special instructional webinars on a solo basis where I present specific topics, concepts and materials.

    So, there is a much larger body of work that the new client receives than there was just a couple years ago.

    Additionally, I am improving the the client contract term length from six months to nine months.

    The fee structure will remain the same.
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