Spread the INFLATION TAX Meme

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  1. inflation is a tax that no politician wants to speak of because it is the 'secret' tax that is going to be used to pay our 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities........america is going to be on clearance sale soon if this scam isn't exposed.
  2. What I don't understand is WHY individual states don't jack up sales tax to 15-20% on non-service purchases.

    That would *substantially* help curb our trade deficit, help the dollar and reduce the rate of indebtedness this country is falling into.

    Europeans pay 18-20% sales tax and their currency is not collapsing nor inflation/trade deficits going sky-high.
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    They tend to use value added taxes, which may appear as sales tax, in place of all or part of income tax. I would not mind paying an 18% tax, assuming some "core" items were exempt, if we could ditch our income tax. Not going to happen though, too many entrenched interests.
  4. I do not understand why you start threads regurgitating information that has been discussed in detail on these boards as long as over a year ago. Does it make you feel like an expert?

    So what exactly is your point? Are you educating anyone? Any plans on elaborating on your statement?
  5. I must be missing something.
    State tax is for the states, isnt it-should it go to consolidated federal revenue?

    Europeans pay said tax, in their COUNTRY right? Europe is not a country, last i checked.

    And if you would like to see the wonders of a general consumption tax, australia is a good place to start-not a single benifit except from increasing the federal coffers, with ZERO effective decrease in income or other tax.