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    Hi guys,

    Up to now I`ve been using EOD quotes and Excel.

    I now want to switch to daytrading and I`m in need of a program/application for monitoring my pairs realtime.

    What do I use?

    Fussy :confused:
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  3. Go to www.pairtrader.com they have excellent software.

  4. fussymath


    Thx Don, appreciate it.

    Any more suggestions?

    Noone recognizes the software from my link further up?
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  6. isn't that metastock?
  7. crnindia


    i simply use excel for my pair trading. Plot the daily closing and see the strength of each and trade accordingly.
  8. Investor/RT has a great "Custom Instrument" feature that allows you to create spreads (as well as custom indices, etc), track it tick by tick, AND...best of all, it creates historical data on the pair from the data of it's components...which is very nice.

  9. Nice try , troll. Its a fifth time you going thru the same routine , first naive question of "what should I use" and then (eureka !) posting the link for your spam.
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    Well if it's spam for that software... no ones contacted me... Ive even emailed the owner of that site and got nothing back...:)

    Anyway, you could do some nice charting in qcharts with different formulas in the symbol box so it's not bad but that program looked interesting.

    Well let me get some rest, I may be trading tomorrow... I just got into a car accident a few days ago and I'm hurting all over.. Cant sit in a chair for more then 5 minutes...

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