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  1. Anyone using charting software that has good spread charts for pair trading? I currently use First Alert and am not impressed with Esignal. TS apparently has pretty bad spread charts amongst other problems. Any good ones out there I'm missing?
  2. The new XStudy for XTrader 7 (from Trading Technologies) users will have "spread charts".....talk to Advantage Futures for a demo of that charting feature.
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    iqfeed DTN

    The latest release of DTN ProphetX has full spread charting capability on an intraday or historical basis. The key feature is that we provide a true OHLC bar for the spread as opposed to only providing a line chart of the "last". To setup the charts, you use the Synthetic Spreads functionality in ProphetX.

    www.prophetX.com for a trial.

    Information about the Synthetic Spreads:

    Info about the other built in spreads displays in ProphetX are available in the help document under "Spreads":

    Someone in our Chicago office should also be able to answer any questions you have about this, or other functionality within ProphetX. They can be reached at 888-866-4DTN.
  4. WOW...sorry, forgot you had it too (and I am one of your very satisfied customers....my bad! :D ).