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  1. I have searched extensively for the ability to create various spread charts for the short term interest rate futures contracts.

    For example, Eurodollar calendar and butterfly spreads.

    I haven't found what I am looking for.

    Which software providers do you use for something like this?

    Thanks alot.
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    Have you tried the Future Source website, they have a basic charting service. Ideally you should buy their charting software or CQG.
  3. Think or Swim is also heavily involved with using this trading style ... in fact, it is the only one they promote at the trade shows.

    Think or Swim
  4. tt's charts (xstudy) does a real good job of creating spread charts. i've attached gez8/gem9/gez9 butterfly i'm trading right now
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    E R

  6. are there any good screeners/filters for producing a list of commodity spreads (particularly CL, NG, currencies, etc.) that meet the entered criteria?


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    I provide to my clients an Excel-based futures spread combinations generator. It builds all possible combinations for futures contracts that expire monthly - pairs, butterflies, and condors ( like a GE Z2-Z3-Z4 butterfly, for example ). Most of the synthetic intermarket combinations are proprietary to us or are commonly known ( like CBOT 3's versus 5's, for example ).

    The very first thing my new clients do is to build out their spread combination charting pages - it would not be unusual for a new client to have maybe 500 different spread combinations after just a couple weeks into training with me. Clients also have to get used to routine housekeeping in terms of updating month code expiries before rollover.
  8. I sometimes wish your product offerings weren't all or nothing. I'm not a futures trader, but I think I'd pay a smaller amount for a well-put-together course explaining all the basics.

    Got any books you could recommend?
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    Not that I am aware of at this time. Any ET'ers out there who do please by all means chime in. At least not one singular book written at such a thoroughly comprehensive level to the point that the reader could actually do something with it.
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