spread betting for trend followers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by andrasnm, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. anyone can/will share some good spreadbetting shops, ideas for the smaller trader?
    The tenets of this trading is;
    trade multi markets (futures,currencies) that trend (no more than 10 no less than 3 markets)
    Trade brakeouts, ADX, PGO trending filters and use Money management to win. If you have only 10k-20k which spread betting shops are honest, have the deep pockets and fair quotes?
    I think it is insane to attempt to scalp WHEN you can trade with longer mindset even with 2k-5k is use the Livermore system i.e. bucket shops.
  2. Hi andrasnm,

    Before starting to bet on it, how do you know you're on the right trend? FWIW, I ask you this question because a few on ET's threads seemed to have some problems with this.

    Good luck with your search for cheap betting shops!

  3. I research trends I have models and I can safely count on some software I have.

    P.S. crude is trending up since my model went long at 32.20
    my model also called bonds (long) at 111.12