Spread and seasonal trading on Future

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Perou, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Perou


    I'm looking for information to Spread and/or seasonal trading Future.

    All yours suggestions are welcome (books, sites, comments, ...)

    Thanks a lot
  2. This book written by courtney smith is pretty decent.But it is out of print and could be gotten in ebay if you are lucky
  3. Aloha Perou.

    When you have funds in your account and you are ready to actually trade. Jerry Toepke in his WSC! “Weekly Spread Commentary,” is the place to start. Only take the Seasonal Calendar Spreads at first. Start small and get use to consistent profits before you take any chances.

    Here are six links in no particular order.


    ”Spread Trading multi-positioning trading strategies!”

    ”Spread Trading: How to place a stop order”
    This one is especially for GA”Books!”

    Search on "Seasonal Spread Library," in Amazon for a more complete listing.
  4. Perou


    thanks a lot !

    and for the brokers, coud you give me some links for a good choice ? and what's the political for the spread margin ?

    I ask the question to my brok and he said me :
    1 margin for the buy, an 1 margin for the sell.

    I'm very surprised because, i think there's a "spread margin" for some brokers. And it could be less than my broker, No ?