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  1. This one is interesting on a few fronts....

    Any thoughts?
  2. I'm surprised, no comments? Steadily up since the post. Monday is 1 of the first dates on the radar, a month later for anohter and they have cash and seem to be in a good position for for a buy out.

    Or am I seeing something that's not there?
  3. Still headed north and still no comments? :(

    Actualy, another 52 week high, it just popped $9
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    Looks overbought.
  5. Could be, but they have 2 pretty major events coming up and rumor of being open to suitors.
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    This stock is moving up on news of 2 of its drugs awaiting phase 3 approval. I have been in and out since 6.3

    News is supposed to come out tomorrow or tuesday
  7. This is bizzarre watching the price acton right now.

    I wasn't expecting the news to hit today, but on Monday so I laid low to see what it did today before putting in a stop. Another lesson learned as I see the $$$ I missed had I done what I knew I should have.

    Now here I sit, a relitive noob watching and trying to learn what the fuck makes it jump around like a tweeking meth head like it is.
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    retraced to 7
    bought few
  10. Still waiting for the FDA announcement today.

    I'm just not getting the short term warm and fuzzies lately.
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