Spotting the Points When a Stock Can Go Parabolic

Discussion in 'Journals' started by CL Lim, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    Based on Dan Zanger's works, I've created a screening to look for stocks that having "Parabolic Curve Formation".

    Here are the stocks my screen uncovered this morning:

    OPTN (Last Close = 14.70)
    OSK (43.38)
  2. Can you tell us what exactly are the parameters
    that your scanner follow to pick these moves?

    Answer would be appreciated. :)
  3. OSK is kind of interesting ... came up on my filters as well ....
  4. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    Stock to Watch for Sep 29, 2005

    NIHD (82.80)
  5. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    I am new here and not allowed to post link to a commercial site.

    Please google for "Dan Zanger" and have a look at his site; there has a full explanation about this formation.
  6. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    We are on the same boat:D
  7. CL Lim

    CL Lim

    Stock to Watch for Sep 30, 2005

    CI (117.44)
  8. I'd think that a small cap stock would be more likely to go parabolic than a large or mid-cap stock would. I cannot support this with any evidence off hand; I am making an educated guess based on my experience.
  9. whats the best time to enter into a position on stock that might make an extreme move
    and ride it into big profits?

    a. intraday breakout ( hourly or less )
    b. daily breakout
    c. weekly breakout

  10. Babak


    None of the stocks that you've listed fulfill the state of 'parabolic' - even going by the defn of the link you provided (later removed). The tickers you've shown are just stocks that have moved up sharply in a short time frame (4-5 days). That's not parabolic.

    #10     Sep 30, 2005