spot transaction worries

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by cap'ncod, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Anyone out there seriously worried about holding longer term OTC cash positions in light of the current credit anxiety?
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    What's your definition of long term? Gates and Buffett model or long/short thru the weekend (extremes)? Different variables for different strategies.

    Perhaps narrow your query.
  3. Yes. I'm thinking in terms of position/ swing trading, so days/weeks.
  4. There have been some very nice moves in various currencies recently....

    Pretty much all the credit crunch knowledge (*that we've been made privy to thus far) was available during that time as well....

    Though it may be prudent to keep your trades on a tight leash since it's right at the new year and currencies are fairly erratic right now...

    It would really depend on what your risk tolerance is and what you're using as a trigger and/or a target (not a huge fan of targets but some are).

    * Be careful, it AIN'T over yet...wait til auto loan and credit card defaults start hitting us....
  5. Thanks Reaver. Yes, I think the next few months will be interesting. Perhaps need for extra dilligence.
  6. Exactly. I agree. Looking forward to it. Good trading to you man.