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    does anybody know where i can find a forex broker or just a broker who offer spot oil trading. and im not takling about futures contract.
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    you can try looking it up at
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  4. On the ICE you trade future-contracts, not spot.

    Oil(what sort of oil, btw) spot is traded like 99% of all other things on earth, OTC. If you want to do it, i suggest you setup oil-tanks and get pipeline-access, and you should be good to go;)
    You wouldnt be looking for a FX-dealer for your endevour either.

    Read through this. i think it should provide some insight:
  5. this bolt of ego coming from someone who's been trading futures for a month. on a mac no less

    that gives ME a laugh. good one!
  6. Hey!!!!! Papertrading doesn't count :cool:
  7. lol

    whats wrong with the EIA anyway as a source of basic info on the industry infra, where would you point him
  8. Perhaps I mistook the ultimate purpose.. But let me link a few quotes so you can understand my comments

    which led to ....
    to which he posted ICE as a link....

    which led to .....
    And then the link... to educate him on Oil...

    Which IMO was a smart aleck response..

    I found that quite humorous... Sorry it went over your head....
  9. pff whatever. it was the right answer to his q re spot. carry on
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