Spot Gold vs Continuous charts

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Kicking, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. nkhoi


    as far as gold go is the all you need
  2. well I guess Netdania shows continuous futures then , December high shown at $456.50 , Kitco shows December high at $454.20. What do you use more for reference, spot or continuous ? I am more looking for interactive charts with TA.
  3. nkhoi


    we (as in a jewelry store) open for daily business we just go to kitco and use the spot price to do our business maybe it is diff from trading world.
  4. so you use Kitco a lot in the jewelry business ? by that you mean retail or wholesale ? why do you use it daily ?
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  6. barchart reports the spot december 2 high at 456.87

    why is it different from Kitco's numbers? Kitco reports closing prices but even then the highest close reported by Netdania is 455.50 on Dec 3 04, the intraday high on Dec 2 being 456.50. So I don't see how the 454.20 on Kitco would be the highest spot close with 456.87 being the intraday high, that 's a difference of more than $2, compared to $1 reported by Netdania.
    It just doesn't add up.
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    kitco seems to deal with some sort of retail/goldbug customer. Look at their chatboard - its inundated with gold cheerleaders.

    Plus go look at their bid/offer spread for gold & silver - IMHO, too wide. Paying that spread plus a commission virtually guarantees you cant trade there unless you buy and hold for ages. And even so, why pay the spread Plus commiss? Just take delivery off a futures - its cheaper.