spot fx or currency futures?

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  1. I'm thinking about trading forex in addition to index futures and energy futures. Any sugestions on the pros/cons of spot forex vs currency futures?
  2. There's been a few threads about this in past year, I would search around for them. I trade fx futures, which have many advantages. Spot still has its place, especially if you're trading crosses or less liquid futures (SEK, NZD, etc).
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    Unless you need exposure to exotic pairs, FX futures are the way to go.

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  4. how's the volume on major pairs? whats the max realistic lot size you can daytrade on fx futures?
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    You will have no problem with a 10 Lot, small slippage on a 25!
    It's between markets right now and EC is 62 X 12.

    Cable, Yen, Swissie futures are a little thinner but liquid during RTH.

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  6. hmmmm, how much splippage would there be on spot fx? I can handle around 100 lots with my capital and risk tolerance. trades usually last 30min to a few hours.
  7. So you're saying you may take a position of up to 100k lots at any one time?

    1 lot = 100k

    100 lots = 10000k :confused:

    a swing of 20 pips would break a small country... what gives? if this is true ring up a ECN broker and tell them that, they will be falling over themselves to get a piece of the commission :D
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    How many lots do you normally trade in ES or CL?

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  9. Anyone know a good book or website for currency futures education?

  10. 60 or so at a time.
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