Spot-forex traders needed

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  1. Lucre Capital LLC is a privately held management company specializing in Spot Forex. We are looking for spot forex traders/developes to trade firm capital. To fit the position, you need to have Forex trading/developing experience, proven trading strategies and a strong desire to test, develop and operate proprietary algorithms in a black or grey box environment. Successful candidates will be granted access to extensive trading resources. Payment is performance-based, you will share in the profits of a given strategy.
    All strategies that trade through LucreNET are able to be easily audited if they are profitable. With profitability, Lucre will allocate additional capital as well as place external capital in a managed account or hedge fund structure.
    If interested, please, send your resume to
  2. How long have you been in business ?
  3. Noah, off-topic, but somehow related... what is your connection with livevol securities/, if any?
  4. i am number 1 spot forex trader in the world,if interested please send you resume to