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  1. Spot Forex Options Trading...anyone trade them? With what broker? I have daily, weekly and quarterly spot forex options available to trade via

    Do you like trading them?
  2. TheMan


    For the love of God already

    give it a rest
  3. There's no such thing as a "spot forex option". All FX options, by definition, use fwds as underlying.
  4. You mean this put 30 pips over the call on AUDUSD ain't an arb?
  5. IC, why the self-flagellation? Why not trade mini lots on FX? What do you know about binary options?
  6. I am not sure IC has advanced into the realm of binary options yet... I think he's referring to vanilla FX options that you can trade on IG. As he says, they come in a variety of expiries, including IMM. Like yourself, I haven't the slightest clue why he'd want to punt them rather than straight FX.
  7. He mentioned the European binaries on one of his 10^23 other threads. FWIW, IG is wider than IMM, but he can deal in 1/10s.
  8. I saw a list of brokers on fxoptions dot com but I've never traded them. I think the advantage would be if you expected a large move in one direction but want to ride out huge moves without getting stopped out. Right now though I don't know if were going to have a huge wave in either direction as long as there's support (manipulation) in the euro.
  9. forget this Cats...I am back at my Futures journal trading futures again with real/live $$ cash...check it out in the journal section...thanks!!
  10. We all breathe a collective sigh of relief, Dawg...
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