Spot/cash and futures

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  1. I don´t know if the question should be asked here but do you know where i can find symbols for Esignals cash markets? Gold, silver...

    Thank you!
  2. gkishot


    I believe
    gold is GCY00
    silver is SIY00.

    But I might be wrong.
  3. FUTURES (Requires service subscription to each futures exchange.)

    Enter the one or two character contract symbol, a space, month code, then last digit of the year.
    Example: SP H4

    Expiration Month Codes

    Jan F Jul N
    Feb G Aug Q
    Mar H Sep U
    Apr J Oct V
    May K Nov X
    Jun M Dec Z
    Cash/Spot A0

    For Cash/Spot be sure to use the number 0 and not the letter o.
  4. Thanks guys