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  1. im starting this thread so it can be a discussion (argument :D )
    thread all about sports. any sport, any thing about sports, any time.


  2. i'll start off by saying GO HORNETS. 2 more wins, we can do it !!

    i'll be at the arena friday in my bumble bee outfit !!

    bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!
  3. i know there have been some great shooters in the history of the NBA , but i dont think i have ever seen someone consistently make tough shots like iverson.
    this guy just goes up against 7ft'ers and lays the ball up high off the glass over and over.
    considering his size and the beating he takes, this guy makes some unbelievable shit go in.

  4. ElCubano


    What was Riley thinking when he gave up Mashburn??.......This guy is a work horse, injured finger and all.......I would also like to see the Hornets advance...good luck..peace
  5. Probably thinking that he was getting perennial all star Eddie Jones in return, but Jones has never really played up to his prior level with the Lakers. Mash has developed into one of the better small forwards in the league. Not a team in the league who wouldn't like to have him.

    And I have to agree that as repulsive as I find Iverson and his whole lifestyle, he is one tough SOB who defies belief night after night.
  6. yes GO HORNETS !!

    yes mashburn is awesome and so is baron davis. here's the bad news...... the word on the street here in new orleans is that one of these players may be gone. and if this is true it looks like ''mash'' may be the guy cause davis just signed a huge contract. i think they wanna get rid of one of the super stars and get a ''real'' big man. a big man would do us good but i wouldnt want to see mash or davis go !
  7. one more thing, we need to make a run right now......... cause next season we are getting moved to the west ! :mad: :mad:

    (may be in 2 seasons but i think its next)
  8. Mash would look good in a Wizard's uniform. I'll give you Larry Hughes and Brendan Haywood.

  9. i said a REAL big man. lol

  10. can minnesota send the series to a game 7 after tonight ??

    I THINK NOT !!

    i predict ::
    minnesota timberwolves fall victim to the first round.................................AGAIN !! :D
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