Sports Hero, Senile Retiree pres, ex promqueen Soccer Mom VP

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Wow the US is reaching a bottom, I guess the US is going to hit what drug addicts call rock bottom before the turnaround.

    I see McCain and his pompom Soccer Mom with 5 kids running this country.

    Imagine the markets if McCain gets sick, I wonder how fast the markets will drop when Soccer mom is in charge of our Military,our nation and the nuclear football.

    So many opportunities to short big. If Senile + Soccer Mom get elected then I know dow 8500 is a very strong

    I like making money shorting but I think this is a bit too much.
  2. Imagine if Obama, who has less relevant experience than Palin, is elected. The market will probably go down even further than your prediction. :)
  3. I am willing to take a gamble. Obama seems a bit more educated and with a sharper mind than a 72 year old senile guy who graduated near last to his class and picked a hot MILF soccer mom ex cheerleader/promqueen who can catch fish.

    Hey I love pussy and I love fishing but that does not mean I want some hot piece of ass running this nation who has no inkling on what a VP does or McCain only spent 1 or two hours on the phone before he gave her the position. Shit I spend longer than that hiring a trader for gods sake.

    We survived 8 years of a dilettante fratboy running this country, worst case if Obama sucks we can elect someone better. but Between the two I think the Obama is the safest choice. I doubt he could do worse than Dilettante Bush.

    Remember don't fight the trend, take the other side if you have to.
  4. I believe BO is very smart, but his tax plans would be an absolute disaster if congress let them go through. Weak economy, and then tax those that create most of the jobs, as well as raise taxes on capital that can easily go overseas where almost everyone is doing the opposite with their taxes.


    I throw my bet to the senile guy.
  5. This election poses a dilemma. Should we prefer someone intelligent and capable but who will pursue the worst, most misguided policies imaginable? Or someone less capable but steadier and more sensible?

    As for Palin, she is clearly a little green , but she has one important asset. She served on the Alaska pipeline and energy commission, giving her far more insight into energy issues than Obama, who thinks the way to solve the energy problem is to levy more taxes on oil companies. Of course, that seems to be his answer to every problem.