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  1. Any long term profitable sports betters here?

    Anyone make a living from it (sole source of income)?

    FYI: I posted this in the psychology forum because I think that psychology has alot to do with it, without the right thinking process, I'm sure that it's not even close to being possible.

    So back to my original question, anyone make a living from betting sports, (sole source of income)?

  2. yeah, bookmakers
  3. when internet gambling was legal, after the world series, I would deposit $120 in an account and bet $10 every night on a hockey game if it was on TV.

    I always took the under.

    I still don't know what icing is, but open net is very excting when you have $10 on the under.

    I considered myself a winner if there was any money in my account by the time spring traing started.

    Once there was $140 in there.

    You just click on a button, and in a couple of days, there's a check in your mailbox.
  4. spd


    Occasionally I'll put on a parlay for UFC event(s). Havent hit anything big yet, but the risk/reward can be really good, > 5:1.

    I think if someone really knew their shit they could make a good living betting on sports...aside from the bookies.
  5. Anyone doing it?
  6. Yes, for a long time. I got into this and out of that a while ago. In fact, a friend and former betting partner recently got staked 500k by a trading firm in London, splitting the profits. A lot less leverage with sports betting, I don't miss it.
  7. Why?
  8. When my first business went broke I realized I was going to have to get a real job, so I decided to become a professional baseball (I hate to call it gambler, because it was all based on probability) speculator.

    I had a mentor, and that was when I first heard the idea that the outcome is totally different from the probability.

    But then a game would come up and I would ignore the probability and bet on who I thought was going to be the winner.

    So much for the mentor, he wouldn't waste any more time on me.

    So I became a stockbroker.

    It's a lot easier to make money when you're the house.
  9. I was a big bettor in O/U and ML bets on NCAA bball, fball; MLB, NHL and NFL. I've not seen a lot of action since Superbowl XXXIV. Won the under on that game that went down the the wire. Bet was too large and game was too close so I decided to end my "career" there.
  10. but there were days when I was scalping ES that I thought, I'd be better off betting on baseball, at least then I would have chance
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