Sports Betting talk here!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TheActionKid, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to see how many traders here also bet sports. If you do please state what sports you bet, how many units per game, and if you are up or down long term. ( I realize not everyone will be honest but it will be fun to see)
    Also, would like to see some people posting their picks for NBA and maybe some world cup games, i am waiting for football season to roll around myself.

    Happy trading! :)

  2. Pabst


    I've bet sports for 25 years. In my late teens/early twenties I got SMOKED. In fact as a runner on the CBOT floor I would work almost solely to pay off parking tickets and betting losses. When I started trading, gambling had little allure. But around 1996 a friend of mine asked me if I would start picking NFL games against the spread for him in a pool run by a trader at the CBOE. Sure enough we won the season and I think we split 7k. From that point on I've selectively wagered on anything that looks ripe. Net/net I'm ahead, nicely. 90% of my activity is in the NFL and I use a "system" that has less to do with the teams themselves than it does with identifying sentiment. As far as my last bet:
  3. ElCubano


    at the begining of the finals vegas had mav at 8-5 to win the series; so even if u lost that was one hell of a bet at 6-1..peace
  4. Ricter


    Attached are two charts I've been using to keep track of two great handicappers for the past year. The y axis is units above or below zero, which would have been your first bet with a bankroll of any size.