Spooz popping right now- WHY???

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  1. Spooz popping right now- WHY???
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  3. he was speaking 30 min ago
  4. Have you learned the difference yet between a 'small time grinder' and a highly successful multi-millionaire trader who was having a tough year until late July? If Steve Cohen has a losing year, would that make him a 'small time grinder'? Should I post your PM here, genius? :p
  5. I don't see anything out side of the news posted. Bidu just ran 6 pts
  6. Maybe Bernanke just endorsed Ron Paul?:D :D :D
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    Ben's comments at charlotte award ceremony. Nothing seemed that dovish about his statement though market is reading it that way. This should benefit gold also if market sees rate cuts though gold isn't moving that much right now.
  8. Sick Bidu ran from 377 to 384. Last few days anything that comes out the market pops. I wouldn't want to be short this market right now.
  9. give me a fuckin break.. this asswipe..persona or mysticism of the FED is preserved when orderflow surges occur at meetings and announcements, this is all directed to train the market to think FED is omnipotent. GS and cronies..

    the FED would loose influence, ....and no we can't have that.
  10. RM,
    You know how it is...when you have a system that is working..you keep trading it.
    The best system working now is the MS-Fade (aka Marketsurfer fade)..I'm working on the code. :) 100% accuracy for 2k7..wow.

    11-28-07 03:11 PM

    whoa, not a good call in YM on my part.

    holding shorts here, will average in one more time @ 13346, sticking with analysis expecting down move by end of week.

    our oil shorts are looking STRONG, nailed the down move in oil thus far, holding.


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