Spooz down 30%

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  1. from 1565 to 1100...a 30% decline in one year. All the gains made between 2004-07 gone. Only 2003 gains remain.

    just amazing. I don;t even remember the last time the spooz was below 1200. Seemd like so long ago.

    I could have never imagined it being so severe. The dotcom selloff was 50% and that was valuations were much higher and there were negative GDP quarters.
  2. We are actually back to the 1998 levels on the SPX. 10 years, a lot of pain, and no gain (except the dividends).
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    I'm amazed you didnt got killed on BIDU. it should be down much more than it is
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    didn't you promise to stop posting here ages ago?
  5. What it tells you?

    A screaming long term buy.
    Load up on those leveraged ETFs, stop trying to pick an exact bottom, go to sleep and wake up in 2 or 3 years.
  6. Probably because you were only ten years old back then (3 years ago).
  7. this is what I'm saying. But oh geez, it just gets more and more painful to hold long. I'm a long term believer in the 8% / yr appreicate of stocks, but wow does it get painful I hope I don't convince myself to sell at the bottom.
  8. i think bidu lost most of it's value as with all chinese adr's because the CHINESE stock market is not off just 30% like the spooz it is off a whopping 62% from october highs, i think THAT is a buy.
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    Why not throw a 200 Moving Average on a Monthly Chart and just buy or short the breaks?

    That way you make money on the way up and down....
  10. Just ask yourself:

    How much may I gain, and how much may I risk?

    Let's say you expect the S&P to go back to 1550 (about highs), in a few years.
    Now it's 1050, 500 points below, almost 50% profits.

    How much can you risk? 20%?, 30%? even risking 35% to get 50% looks like the deal of a lifetime to me, so I'm going for it.
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