Spoos may trade locked limit up come sunday night

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nitro, Apr 5, 2003.

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    I rarely make predictions, but if the good news out of IRAQ continues at this pace, the Globex limit of 5% premarket (~43.9) up spoo points feel about right.

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  2. maybe you will continueto say to make money hand over fist (albeit id bet against it)

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    You are in here!
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    You must be short.


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  5. Seemed to me this news was already old Friday afternoon. The war is already over, no more good news to be had. Sounds like wishful thinking nitro ...
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    I only have a miniscule number of shares (2200) net long into the weekend, so it does not matter to me.

    On Friday, AFAIK, Baghdad was not ringed with coalition forces. Also, Chemical Ali was still with us in this world, and Basrha was not completely dominated.

    I have noticed that the pattern is to anticipate the week Sunday nigth by heavily biddging spoos up, have volatile Mondays, followed by slow steady declines Tuesday, with a volatile close. Wednesdays on take on small adjustment type personalities. The first bid in the spoos Sunday night will be very telling.

    It will be interesting to see what pattern we see this week, but heavy anticipation seems likely to be a game plan again.


  7. So if you don't really care one way or the other why are you making predictions here??

    "Only 2200 shares long" -most likely some penny stock you're long, about $500, i'd guess. LOL
  8. Can you say "pucker" boys and girls?
  9. Well it would be nice...for me anyway, since I'm long.

    I have mixed thoughts on the price action here, and am, for the most part, unconvinced either way.

    The Spoos traded in a very tight range at the end of friday, which seems to me to indicate a nice move on a break out. Yet this is a directionless indicator.

    As far as the war news is concerned, I haven't really heard anything happen that was really unexpected. Now, if we capture most of Baghdad today, and find out that Saddam is dead, then that would be a bit of a surprise...

    What is interesting to me is that we seem to be at a key price level. From looking at the charts, if we break much to the upside we could very well have a good break of the downward trend/bearishness that has plagued the market for the last couple of years. If anything could cause this to break out, then it would probably be good war news.

    Conversely, the trend hasn't been broken yet, and I'd be pleasantly surprised to see a strong break here.

    Someone else have any thoughts on the price action here? Do you consider this resistance point critical, etc?
  10. Closed

    YM 8267 +69
    ES 878.25 +5
    NQ 1049.5 +I can't remember - ICR
    ZN 114'025 ICR
    SPI 2946 ICR

    Overnight targets

    YM 8315
    ES 890
    NQ 1060
    ZN Dunno
    SPI 2970

    If I were short I'd be working on an opening bid plan/contingency for possible 5 to 10 ES points above the close.

    No need to whoop up on me, I'm a "pee shooter" too.

    #10     Apr 6, 2003