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    Spoos + 8.25. NQ +22.50. Earnings coming in are crushing...

    I am only 1100 shares net long... :(


    18:33 ET ALL Allstate beats by $0.17, guides up (35.94 -0.05)
    Reports Q1 (Mar) earnings of $0.95 per share, $0.17 better than the Multex consensus of $0.78; revenues rose 7.7% year/year to $7.86 bln vs the $7.71 bln consensus. Company sees Y03 EPS of $3.35-3.50 vs Multex consensus of $3.30

    Live Headline
    Tuesday After Hours price changes vs 4pm ET levels: Where to start? After months of uneventful after hours sessions, traders finally got something to chew on with earnings reports from tech bellwethers such as Intel, Microsoft, and Texas Instruments. For the most part, the news was encouraging for each company's prospects, and as such, the S&P futures, at 899, are 9 points above fair value, while the Nasdaq 100 futures, at 1075, are 20 points above fair value.

    To begin, software giant Microsoft (MSFT 27.71 +1.10) topped the Q3 (Mar) Multex consensus (of $0.24) by $0.02 on net sales of $7.84 bln (Multex of $7.73 bln). Forward-looking guidance, however, was a mixed bag. MSFT said it expects Q4 (June) EPS of $0.23 or $0.24 and revenues of $7.8-7.9 bln versus consensus estimates of $0.24 and $7.96 bln, respectively. Looking to FY04 (June), MSFT anticipates EPS of $1.04-1.06 and revenues of $33.1-33.8 bln as compared to $1.08 and $34.9 bln, respectively.

    Turning to the semiconductor space, Intel (INTC 18.03 +0.90) reported Q1 (Mar) EPS of $0.14 (which includes a $0.01 tax benefit) and revenues of $6.75 bln, both of which were flat with the year-ago period and exceeded the Multex consensus estimates. INTC is projecting Q2 (June) revenues of $6.4-7.0 bln (Multex of $6.6 bln) and capital spending in 2003 of $3.5-3.9 bln.

    Texas Instruments (TXN 18.15 +0.93) similarly delivered EPS and revenue upside in its Q1 (Mar) earnings report. As for Q2 (June), TXN sees EPS of about $0.08, plus or minus a few cents (Multex of $0.09) and sequential revenue growth of about 7%, which equates to about $2.30 bln (Multex of $2.27 bln).

    As a result of INTC and TXN's reassuring earnings pronouncements, shares of AMAT, AMD, BRCM, KLAC, MRVL, and MU trading higher in the extended session.

    Elsewhere, CDW Computer (CDWC 42.50 +2.09) stock is soaring 5% after the company delivered its highest ever Q1 EPS and sales results. CDWC grew EPS to $0.49 (Multex of $0.48) on revenues of $1.02 bln (Multex of $1.03 bln). Furthermore, the direct marketer of multi-brand computers grew gross profit margins to 14.5% from 13.0% a year ago. Competitors of CDWC include the likes of BBY, CC, DELL, GTW, ODP, and SPLS.

    Finally, Motorola (MOT 8.38 +0.44) turned in an in-line Q1 (Mar) earnings report, and said it expects Q2 (June) EPS of $0.03-0.05. The latter was below the consensus estimate of $0.07, although revenue guidance of $6.4-6.6 bln encompassed the Multex estimate. As for the full year, MOT is forecasting EPS of $0.35-0.40 and approximately $27.5-28.0 bln in sales, as compared to consensus expectations of $0.35 and $27.04 bln. MOT will be holding its Q1 conference call tomorrow at 8:00 ET, with a webcast link found here.

    For added detail on these, and other developments, be sure to visit Briefing.com's
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    New thread: Spoo's trade limit on Tuesday Night!
  4. We can only wish ...
  5. Above all you gotta do size?
  6. If it is not big enough; it doesn't mean a thing ...
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    Nitro.........AKA........ONLY posts when on the right side!

    Just kidding Bro.....I hope you made money.

  8. Heck 1100 shares is size aint it...:D for me it is anyway.... - I think one car nq = about 800 qqq...so 1100 would be 300 above my norm.....I'm a one contract "yehaw traderman" (quoted from inandlong - a while back)....lol....nitro trading 1100 is already like me betting the farm.

    WTG - nitro - good call - good trade - congrats !!!
  9. 1100 shares ain't 1100 contracts, is it?
  10. I thought you might say that and was editing (adding to) previous post while you wrote this. :)
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