Spooky: 1 in 3 Democrats communicate with the dead

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  1. "Democrats are far more in touch with the dead than Republicans and they also visit fortune-tellers more often, a study reveals."


    Check out the split by Conservative, Liberal. 35% of the Libs are in touch with the dead vs 23% Conservatives. LOL
  2. That's not spooky , spooky is that probably 1 in 3 dead democRATS vote too.
  3. maxpi


    Democrats never fail to amaze me... they aren't intelligent and they haven't read their Bibles.. if they were intelligent they wouldn't be in ANY party and if they read their Bibles they would not support sex addicted men who like to f$%k each other in their hairy stinking poop chutes, welfare for the able bodied, baby killing, atheism... it's a long list of stuff they would not support really...
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    Oh the irony of this thread or stupidity or contradiction.So who are these guys conservatives admire so much-God and Jesus?Their dead,no?
    You guys are so brain dead,you even derail your own premise and thread all by your sorry selves.Anyway maybe you should pray for brain cells in front of a couple sticks that form a cross.
  5. Reminds me of an old joke which ends.

    ..had sex with a Ghost?

    Sex with a ghost? Oh, I thought you said goat.
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    While I agree that the left is sometimes too generous with their attention, the upside is that they'll continue to listen to you.
  7. Their superstitious bent may be the reason for the worship of Government by the Libs. You know, belief in an all encompassing power who will protect you if you let it run your life, etc.
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    Lol, I like that, and there's probably truth to it.
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  10. Reagan is a dead guy, and the republicans worship him...

    They even worshiped him when he was alive and wearing mortician makeup...

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