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    And in case anyone hasn't heard about it yet - the "other side" here (or atleast the most vocal of them) was none other than our most benevolent Citadel - headed by famed art collector, multi-billionaire, and protector of the poor, Ken Griffin.

    That my friends is why this guy is in jail rather than fined and banned.
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    Doesn't bode well for Navinder Singh Sarao...
  4. Totally agree, but can someone come up with the specific Dodd-Frank statute in question here ?
    I've always been a huge critic of this onerous piece of legislation which has essentially slowed our economy to a crawl.
  5. Front running Citadel beats opponent spoofer Corsica. Front runners are the parasites of fund managers, and spoofers are the parasites of front runners. Front runners win again. After all, they make the most money and can buy influence in Washington DC.

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  6. Trump will end that nonsense.
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    Shame he got busted. I made good money off Corsica. His orders were so obvious. Same time every day in same markets.
    If people want to put fake orders in the market let them. They have to wear the loss when they are hit. And the only people they fool are high frequency front running algos.

    If someone comes into crude oil and puts 1000 lots on the bid over 4 prices moves the market up 4 ticks then pulls them and moves the markets down 4 ticks over and over at the same time each day and you can't make money off that. Give up. It's about as easy as trading gets.
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