spoo spike-o-rama

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. gee, I didn't think the economic numbers were that great....

    what, is there another 'osama bin captured' rumor? or are we lobbing patriots into baghdad?
  2. I just think we are ready to rally. We've had two big reversal days recently and the volume on the down days is fairly light.
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    yeah, baby, I got mojo.


    "try not to speculate the market. instead, specualte the manipulators, as it seems easier lately." -- qdz
  4. an auspicious start. if this turn into a Lowry's up day, well, that could be something right there.

    o and i love that 3 handle fakeout before the blast off. how utterly like a market. some poor guy probably got filled on a short there...
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    I predict my earliest retirement today just after open if no significant dropback after 9:15am. I am out after reaching my profit goal. what a day. haven't seen the market rally like this in pre-opening in a long time. good luck to you.

  6. yeah. if i traded the premarket i'd be heading back to bed or perhaps to the beach. well, not really. but i'd be really wary.

    there's more going on here than just a pent up rally, imho. not ready to guess what, however.
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    what a pitty, options markets don't have extended hours. I suggest they start to extend just one hour each or even just half an hour before open and after close.


  8. i trade listed.
  9. Then you would really complain about the horrible fills.
  10. the fills would indeed be horrible, wouldn't they? with that kind of opportunity, one wonders why they haven't done it already.
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