spontaneous feelings of Euphoria

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  1. Do you drink coffee?
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  2. 3 cups tea a day!
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    Quote from annaland:

    Do you drink coffee?

    Quote from Nashequilibrium:

    3 cups tea a day!

    Do you drink milk?

    Quote from eagle:

    Two beers a day. :D
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    I was kidding! So you referred to caffeine though. Ok, good to know tea contains caffeine. I drink too much of green tea.

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  6. lol, i know!
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  7. The reason I ask is because often times if I drink an extra strong cup of coffee, I go from feeling high to crashing. This also happens with energy drinks.
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  8. Only every time I have a grand day ($1k+ in profits). Nothing wrong with it. Enjoy it. I think making money is a thrill. Dismiss the pissants who think its beneath a trader to celebrate.
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  9. You said always before you go to bed yes? Endorphins are released from pain or stress most time. If you always have this euphoria before you go to bed, then maybe it is the stress of the day that builds, and then you produce endorphins to relieve your stress from the day. Or you anticipate sex with going to bed, and you produce endorphins. Why worry, you sound healthy.
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  10. Some good points, i like the sex part! I am not complaining, i would like to figure out how to control it to release when i need it.......most probably not possible but still worth the try.
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