spontaneous feelings of Euphoria

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  1. I am definitely an evening type, but i do not have the the negative drawbacks discussed in the paper. I had excellent academic results......received special academic scholarship, no social issue....usually well liked, played college basketball & swim team.

    The study has a small sample base as well. I can see why night owls will be more susceptible to those pitfalls but that is the key susceptible. I think we can actually create a whole other thread to discuss this study.
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  2. Lucrum


    Just wait until you're middle aged - it'll go away.
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  3. I get euphoria when I have fasted .

    Are there natural alternative substances one can take to feel euphoric? Sometimes a good meditation session gives me little bit euphoria.
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  4. Maybe sooner if you marry the wrong woman.
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  5. Or visit the Politics and Religion forum for any length of time.
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    thanks for posting it. I'm definitely the evening type, but I don't think the characteristics really fit me. I will look for some more studies to compare.

    Another thing is that an evening type person might have some problems with the adrenal glands, and once treated the evening burst of energy will be gone...
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  7. That is really funny
    Keep them coming please

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    By negative drawbacks you mean depression? If not you could be bipolar, there is a version when the cycle between depressed and euphoric is very short.
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  9. Definitely not by bipolar, by negative drawbacks i was referring to negatives outlined in the paper regarding night owls and depression was one of many others such as academic under achievement.
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