spontaneous feelings of Euphoria

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  1. Does anybody else get these, i am not just talking about when you exercise. I usually get these sponatneous bursts of Euphoria, like i can do anything, just really happy and lots of energy, kind of like an endorphin rush. The weird thing is i usually get this before going to bed, during and after taking a shower, during a gym session and sometimes just randomly but always when going to bed.

    Any other traders have this weird stuff happen? The other thing is i wonder if i can control it to come when i really need it? Anyway weird post but still an issue.
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    hmm interesting It may have to do this increasing dopamine levels in your body.

    are you taking anything that would activate this feeling? perhap amino acids or preciptions that you take.
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  5. Besides Protein shake and Creatine, nothing else.
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    if you were always like that (and you're healthy), then maybe you're simply an evening type (I'm like that too)...
    look up morning and evening types.
  7. Hasn't happened to me since the '80's
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  9. I'd run with the dopamine/endorphin level, can be triggered by lots of things-the bed issue is strange, but it could be explained by who else is in the bed.

    You could hire Rosanne Barr to doss down with you, id be surprised if it continued.
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