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    I'm going to be ready to trade full time in about 6 months. I'd like to get the Series 7 out of the way now. Are there any other options to be sponsored instead of finding a firm and try to ask them to sponsor you now so six months from now I can open an account? Does anyone sponsor people just for the hell
  2. Why do you wish to take the Series 7 now? Do not get me wrong...most the traders I know are licensed, but it is not required to trade.

    With some firms, you can become a retail trader in an LLC with plenty of buying power, for example a LLC with millions of capital that is basically shared. That way you do not even need the Series 7. It is just like prop, but no liscencing needed.

    Go have fun and forget about the Series 7, if you need it get it, it is not that hard to do, most of our guys pass it in a few weeks.

    The Series 7 will teach you NOTHING about trading...

    As far as getting sponsored, wait until you join a firm and let them supply you with the materials and negotiate for them to also pay for your tests, some will, some won't.

    We sponsor guys for the exams but not until you are ready to trade. Otherwise compliance issues/meetings/paperwork can be a pain in the butt.

    Good luck!