Sponsors Behaving Badly

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  1. Spectra has posted again on the Price Action Journal abusing the originator in an unprovoked attack.

    This is after his first post was deleted by the moderator.

    Baron if you want to keep vermin for pets please keep them in a cage.
  2. His second post
  3. bronks


    Mods, Baron.

    Is this what this site has come to? I guess even monkeys like Alex has free reign to shit all over the place if they pay the piper. Pathetic.
  4. Lucrum


    I was getting ready to start a thread on this.

    I don't care that Alex L. Wittledick has a low opinion of a particular member. He's entitled to it. But to publicly post it, repeatedly, in the members own journal?

    That's not low class, that's NO class.
  5. I've seen what started the problem between the two and the mudslinging (included personal attacks and derrogatory comments) wasn't started by Alex...

    It was started by SusanaDT when she entered threads started by Alex here at ET in the past.

    I'm not saying it's not ok to question the business of a sponsor.

    I'm saying the derrogatory comments and personal attacks is not needed to be included amongst legitimate questions about the merits of a service and such usually create problems down the road along with setting up retaliating confrontations...

    Some members do retaliate and now we know sponsors will do the same. :mad:

    However, I strongly feel a sponsor needs to be professional at all times when making public appearances sort'uv speak.

    A sponsor must not drop down to the level of those slinging mud at them or else they will be viewed as more of a problem or viewed as the only problem.

    Yeah, sure every body has the right to defend themselves but to enter SusanaDT's thread called Price Action Journal while she's on vacation and behave like a vandal is pathetic.

    Thus, if a sponsor can't handle the pressure of interacting with members nor handle the criticism...

    They shouldn't be sponsors nor should they be given any protection when they themselves attack others with derrogatory and personal attacks...

    A violation of the lame TOU policy that's not uniformly enforced.

    Therefore, I'm glad Magna (moderator) deleted his posts from the thread along with all commentary related to his post in response by others.

    However, if the moderator or Baron doesn't give the sponsor a warning about that type of behavior...

    They are giving him approval to continue with his revenge campaign.

    Hopefully the two will stay away from each other and no longer enter each other's thread to do more mudslinging.

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    You need a real hobby. You always come across as a Mommy figure. Go get laid, do something that matters. idiot
    Please do not try to defend yourself because your track record speaks for itself. Bye, Bye candy ass.
  7. Your posting habits and confrontation with many others speaks for itself.

    I have no need nor psychotic urge to get into a similar confrontation with you because you have your hands full with everybody else.

    You aren't worth trying to defend myself with and I've said what's needed to be said. :cool:

    Calling it as I see it without any B.S. bias.

    You get the last word although I can no longer see your posts (ignore list).

  8. BSAM


    The real trouble is that some of you keep wishing for the ET of old. This is similar to wishing that your trade would go in the direction you wanted it to; yet, it just doesn't. So, you hang on, hoping for a change. But then, you keep getting disappointed.

    Some wish that somehow it would suddenly become a more serious trader's site. It ain't gonna happen. Accept ET for what it is, or drive on to another site. Good luck with that.

    It is what it is. Use the ignore feature.
  9. Should rename this thread to "users and sponsors behaving badly". Seriously, nearly all of the people who complain about others acting poorly on this site, act like children themselves.

    What is it with you guys? You think your opinion is the only one right in the world? You cannot possibly act like this in real life because you'd fail miserably whenever you came into contact with anyone REAL.

    Grow up, already. Sponsor or not.

    As for the ToU not being enforced, I do my absolute best in trying to enforce it in the forums I have control over. I think many of the moderators do. But the sheer amount of garbage sometimes overwhelms us.
  10. Wow! You are still an idiot!

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