Sponsor's Ability to Delete Threads/Posts Is Bad For ET

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by vanzandt, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. vanzandt


    I remember way back when.... I started a thread here that I later asked Baron to delete. Nothing big, it was just kinda goofy. We all do it. He didn't delete it, and I completely empathized with his line of reasoning.

    Its like this.... in the realm of a cyber community, one can only be profiled by the content, tone, and tenor of one's posts. Over time members either gain respect or they earn disdain...its all in the eye of the beholder.... you the reader.

    Its a beautiful thing. Emote on a public forum and you're putting it out there for the world to see (and judge you by) forever. Its the way it is.

    You post it, you own it.

    And thats the rules for each and every of the 86,000 ET members.

    Apparently however, it doesn't apply to sponsors. This is wrong. How can a newcomer to this forum make a fair and accurate assessment when contemplating a prospective purchase of goods or services if that newcomer does not see the complete picture painted by that sponsor? That picture is painted on a canvas of his posts. That picture is that sponsor's true colors.

    If I were in the market to up my trading game in options to a dollar level equivalent to that of a full time professional asset manager.... would I use Lightspeed Trading? You're damn right I would. For one reason and one reason only. RM. He exudes professionalism and has earned my utmost trust and respect over the years as I suspect he has all of yours. I'd venture to say he has never had to delete a post for anything other than a spelling error.

    We have a new sponsor here and if you look at his profile, he has only 15 posts. We all know thats BS..... and its deceptive as hell. Being a member and being an idiot is one thing; but for a first class international trading website of this caliper with this amount of daily page-views...its unacceptable behavior from a sponsor. You post it, you own it. Man up or get out.
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  2. Handle123


    I certainly agree with you, but like often a poster or an alias comes on and starts something and you can see they have few posts, the forum gangs up on them like raw meat. Baron is going to be working on overtime of deleting all of them at some point.

    When you are a professional whatever, better have your game on like Robert Morse or Bone, but if you looking to float your ego around......days be numbered. jmho
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  3. Gambit


    Vanzandt, I agreed with you until tonight when I had to reevaluate. Your perspective makes sense in a pure free speech sense but lets be frank, people are trying to make a living off this site and bills need to be paid.
    I myself might have possibly made a controversial post to a sponsor and upon consideration, it was poorly thought out.
    Free speech is allowed almost everywhere on this site so I respect the hell out of Baron for that. People can say what they want about a sponsor (respectfully) on their own threads. I remember that bone was tested quite a bit a while back. Some members may have been excessively harsh during that episode.
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  4. Gambit


    The moral of the story IMHO is "God forbid I keep somebody from earning."

  5. R1234


    I favor Baron's policy of allowing sponsors to delete threads.

    After all they are paying to publicly advertise their services and are sacrificing their anonymity.

    There might be a disgruntled ex-client who decides to engage in a flame campaign. Or maybe an anonymous competitor who posts libelous statements on a sponsor's thread. No matter how a sponsor responds to such attacks, the damage will be done. So I applaud the thread deletion feature.
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  6. RRY16


    Yes, some members were.
  7. Running a forum is part art, part science. o_O
    Merry New Year 2018 ET extraterrestrials, including Canadians.
  8. Yeah, but Baron has stood up against personal attacks. And it is certainly unbecoming a sponsor, or anyone else for that matter, to call ET members morons and idiots, isn't it? Or would you say that paying a fee gives him the privilege to do so?

    A sponsor's option to delete a thread is fine, as he is here to sell. But any salesman of worth who has confidence in his product knows how to handle rebuttal without having to resort to name calling.
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  9. yes it does.always,anywhere,anytime.

    you didnt learn about the value of money,did you?
  10. Gambit


    Report that vendor. I'm sure Baron will handle it.
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