Sponsor violates TOU

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Spydertrader, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. New Sponsor


    As Magna articulated in this post

    So how is it that ET now has a Sponsor which violates the TOS?

    - Spydertrader

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  2. Penny stocks and sponsors have been mentioned before, lets not beat a dead horse.
  3. mxjones


    Their latest alert is a stock trading at .02.

    I am going to be rich! Rich!

  4. EliteTrader.com TOU policy is outdated (needs to be updated) because it's obviously things have changed here over the past 3 years.

    In addition, you've been here long enough to know that there's also a sub-TOU policy.

    Simply, each moderator will moderate his/her section differently than another moderator that moderates a different section.

    Therefore, penny stock discussion in one area may not be allowed while such is allowed in a different area of the forum due to the fact it's a different moderator that doesn't want that type of discussion = Sub-TOU Policy :cool: