Spock vs. Kirk in Investing ...

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  1. http://www.ajc.com/business/content/business/0803/03behave.html

  2. Spock v.s. Kirk in TRADING?

    Is it even a contest?

    p.s. If you go with Spock, maybe his father is a better example. Spock was revealed to indeed have emotions; I think his father (forgot his name) was the ultimate non-emotional type.
  3. gms


    What about Klingon traders?

    "This position is losing. It must die!"
    "You dare question the worthiness of my strategy? I should kill you where you stand!"
    "Stops are for the weak and timid! "
  4. ttrader


    ohamed is loser, huh, huh ... !!!

  5. Osama is hiding like a little chicken, just like Saddam...
    And all of their friends are being killed.... :D
  6. nkhoi


    Sarek of Vulcan
  7. Bolts


    Heheh, Star Trek characters would make funny traders! :cool:

    Kirk: "Must... cut... losses! But strange force... keeping me... from pulling... trigger!"

    Bones: "Dammit, Jim! You're a daytrader not an investor!"

    Scotty: "Cut yeeeer losses Sirrrr! She cannah handle any morrrre!"

    Spock would just kick ass. I think people actually are showing a lot of emotion when they get "too caught up in the details".
  8. gms


    Hmmm. Fascinating.
  9. LOL:D
  10. KavMan


    I'm a Borg trader

    Resistance is Futile!!
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