Splitting and isolating bandwidth

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  1. How would you go about splitting bandwidth between two computers? Is it possible to separate activity between the 2 completely so that say if one computer is torrenting it would not affect the other at all? Or does this require a second ip address for a complete split? Pretty much a noob at this stuff if you couldn't tell already.
  2. You dont. Especially torrenting can not be properly controlled - not without controlling the equipment on both sides of the link. I.e. you can do what ever YOU want, but your ISP would have to throttle incoming traffic, which he wont.

    Get two lines, preferably separate (one mobile, one dsl, for example), which also means you ahve a backup in case one fails.
  3. netlecture is right, it will always be better to have 2 routers. however it exists router where you can fix the traffic per computer...
  4. Yes, except it does not work for INCOMING traffic - because the ISP would have to do that. I have one of those myself. Quality of Service / Bandwith shaping only works reliable on the originating router, so you can limit and prioritize your outgoing traffic, but not the incoming one.
  5. okay, I was thinking that the ISP was able to "store" the traffic for you... and thusfar reducing your speed then the orgine server would slow down to reach your limit...

    everyday is a learning experience

  6. Oh, it does store, but not exactly a lot ;) Basically it will fail random packets allowing it.... and as most applications do NOT use the IP header to properly prioritize the traffic, it is painfull.
  7. Thanks for your replies, saved me alot of headache.
  8. So basically 2 modems are required for a complete split of connection? Or can one modem handle 2 separate ip's on its own?
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    Don't forget in a torrent program like utorrent, you can specify the maximum upload and download bandwidth speeds, so it would not then affect anything else.
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