Split work from play

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by xendus, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. xendus


    I am currently using one Windows XP PC desktop for both trading (business) and play (itunes, image/video editing etc). As I am getting more and more serious about the trading business, and my PC getting less and less stable with more and more software installed, I am planning to get a new PC to split work and play.

    I am thinking about a MacBook Pro. I will install Windows XP onto this machine for dual boot. I will boot into Windows XP to run trading business software and OSX for leisure.

    One machine for both work and play to keep things simple. Anyone done the same? Comments?

    ps. I do not need multiple screen but will get a 24in LCD. I play games on PS3 so do not need Windows.
  2. I use my machine to trade and play and do have problems with it. I considered getting a second one, but having both on one is just more convenient and hasn't affected my trading. that day it does, i will switch over;;