Splain this crepe

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by stock777, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Posting a best offer on the ARCA book using IB, and the jump ahead price appears BEFORE !!!!!!!!! my offer.

    My offer.

    If you need me to explain any more than that, don't ask.

    Freaking lame.
  2. come on over to the legitimate world of retail spot forex...stock777
  3. Probably just latency. Even though you didn't see your offer yet, it was there. For some reason, you saw the other offer first, but they probably actually hit the book in the order you would expect.

    I use TT in the futures, and in a fast market, the bids and offers you see are not the actual bids and offers. My autospreader will get prices that I never saw trade.
  4. lol, latency, yeah thats it. scuse me.
  5. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. mnx


    nyse or nasdaq?

    I find pacx quotes to be extremely laggy on the trading platform I use... usually a sec delay at least..... (that's on nyse stocks.....)

  7. alanm


    Using which bookviewer?

    Mmmmmmm... creeeeeeepe :)
  8. Forgot how I titled the post, crepe indeed.

    No, I'm using IB's platform to see this action. The jump ahead shows as the live arca quote BEFORE my price.


    Nah, its just latency, the ravages of old age, bad breeding or maybe just an ill wind.
  9. alanm


    Try using the ARCA bookviewer instead.

    Remember that IB doesn't send every change - just snapshots. It may be throttling by waiting a certain number of ms after seeing a change to see if another change happens before sending it to the client. This would get rid of much of the quote traffic generated by these bots.
  10. Interesting theory. Are you sure they dont send every change of quote price, I thought they did.

    I still dont think thats what im seeing but it is possible.
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