Spitzers - Bitch - A lesson in stupidity

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  2. This is not "Wall St. News". It's a cock slob capitalizing on the shameless media and stupidity of the American public.

    Move this to chit-chat.
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    unless this guy's got something-

    Infowars.net - Printer Friendly / Low Graphics Page
    Spitzer taken down by Mossad?
    Jerry Mazza
    Online Journal
    Friday, March 14, 2008
    Eliot Spitzer took on Wall Street like no other attorney general before him. As the Washington Post reported in 2004, “His targets in the past have included everyone from big Wall Street investment banks and the $7.5 trillion mutual fund industry to polluting power plants and supermarket chains that underpaid delivery workers.”
    Additionally, Wayne Madsen reports [subscription required] that “Defense sources have confirmed our March 11, 2008, report that Emperors Club VIP, the prostitution firm that entangled New York’s outgoing Governor Eliot Spitzer in a call girl ring, is viewed by US intelligence as a front for Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad.
    “The sources claim that Spitzer was ‘outed’ for his aggressiveness in attacking money launderers connected to Russian-Israeli organized crime syndicates and other Wall Street malfeasance.”
    In an earlier report, Madsen mentioned that “There is also speculation that although Spitzer was implicated in the large international investigation of the Emperor’s VIP Club’s prostitution business, GOP dirty tricks operative Roger Stone figures in the case as a collateral agent provocateur. Stone has a history of badgering Eliot Spitzer and his elderly father, New York real estate magnate Bernard Spitzer.”
    Madsen went on to say, “There is also intense speculation about the identities of the other clients of the Emperor’s VIP Club call girls service. A February 5, 2006, article by Ben Smith in The New York Observer describes a close relationship between Eliot Spitzer and former Bill Clinton aide Dick Morris. Spitzer told the newspaper that Dick Morris’ dad was his dad’s lawyer. In 2006, the Democratic National Convention was shocked to learn that Morris, then Clinton’s top political consultant, paid $200 an hour to a Virginia prostitute named Sherry Rowlands. The revelations about Morris came mere hours before Clinton was to deliver his acceptance speech at the convention.
    “Rowlands revealed that Morris once let her listen in on a phone conversation with Clinton. She said that Hillary Clinton was upset at the phone call, that she 'was not well,' and the president asked Morris not to use the White House private residence phone number in the future.
    “Morris’ relationship with Rowlands reportedly involved toe sucking trysts on the part of Morris. The criminal complaint filed against the Emperor’s Club referred to aberrant sexual practices, considered 'unsafe,' by Spitzer and a prostitute identified as Kristen.” …….
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    There is lot of looking down on Ashley going on at ET. It wasn't her who brought Spitzer down. She is just a girl. It is turning into a lucky break for her and if she is wise (and she may not be) she will keep all the money she now makes to set herself up in life.
  5. There usually is no happy ending for this type of lucky break.
  6. Very good point.
  7. this is very Kafkaesque... yes indeed.
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    I agree, no "happy ending" here (pun intended).

    I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that, like most lottery winners, Ashley's broke again in 5 years or less. Unless... she gets and keeps a shrewd business / financial manager who knows exactly what he's doing and is above board and ethical beyond any shadow of a doubt. You know, like Eliot Spitzer.
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