Spitzer' Gal a shared Asset - it's getting better

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  1. I've got endless respect for Chanos for giving me the idea to short sell Maqcaurie Bank Ltd/Macquarie Group.

    You can't say anything bad about him to me, he made me a fortune.

    I hope he fucked the shit out of the whore!:D
  2. After reading that story, though, I'm not sure I'd believe his press releases.

    "Yes, I knew her, I didn't know she was a hooker, I didnt' introduce her........" LOL
  3. ".....I just gave her business card to Spitzer...that's all."
  4. Chanos has multiple times more then he can handle I am sure. I tend believe Chanos.

    The irony is Spitzer could have had it free.

    Once I was in a power position in an art related enterprise and the women were absolutely throwing themselves at me (and this was not even about money).
    I had a very nice girlfriend at the time and while I was incredibly tempted I did not take advantage of the offers but I used some like trophies, it is fun and status to be seen with a beautiful thing half your age at some functions.
  5. "....Chanos, who was called "Uncle Jim" by Dupre, ..." :p
  6. paden


    There would be a cost.

    The mistress would fall for him, want more of his time, start to threaten to tell the wife, eventually tell the wife, and he would pay.

    He was paying for anonymity, not the woman.
  7. Cesko


    Remember what Charlie Sheen said. He paid them to leave.
  8. I don't understand why he didn't do a Bill Clinton and just use his power buddies or the state police to "hook him up." That way, he would have had a buffer and could claim ignorance. No money trail.

    Fact is, he risked it all on an incredibly stupid idea.
  9. But he was a "smart" guy.
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