"spirituality" videos - Part II

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  1. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    For the racist lunatic females & al :
    We are aiming at 11 associations ( France, UK , Malaysia) to sue your ass -
    all gains for them. ;););)

    You knew where to find me to harass : feel free to let me know
    if you are ready to talk face to face , and we get this sorted in $$$ terms,
    or you prefer superbe publicity with very convincing calls for witnesses.
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  2. :):):) God really works in mysterious ways.:):):)

    So you used slander and "staged interviews" and harassment by proxy :
    here you will have the chance to experience the consequences
    of free worldwide publicity -
    people love stories with "human rights issues", where good people
    triumph against crappy people.

    You have a choice :
    get down to talk face to face in front of a table,
    or I play the Law Court and will hit hard.

    Realised that from the start you have seriously under-estimated me:
    you mistook patience, compassion and kindness for weakness.
    If you only understand force, I'll give you some force of the Law
    ( and public outrage/scandal). YOUR CHOICE.
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  3. :):):):):) Yes indeed I have never met her.
    So this is why a FaceFace so that she can explain:
    - where and when I met her
    - the context and subject of any face2face conversation

    Also : a copy of the documents she says I wrote.
    Nowdays, having learned about deception, I want to check it
    and compare with the originals.

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  4. No I am not seeking jail time for people , as I am absolutely against prisons - except 7 star ones.

    What I'll be seeking is serious community service:

    * around 300 hours of closely supervised community service
    that fights against the corruption of kids :
    such as by using kids as proxy for harassment or other crimes.

    * around 300hrs of community service that educate parents on
    how to protect their kids from people ready to use their children,
    behind their back and unknown to them, into
    any type of crimes

    * around 300hrs of community service that helps prisonners to
    understand at what age, and how and which adults lead them
    into a criminal life. Obviously, may be many parents do not know
    how their kids are turned into criminals.

    * around 1000hours ( 3 years) of very closely community service
    that help black boys in their homework ( as she has racist issues)

    True that French Legal sytem, some people can actually complain if
    in their views the sentence is too light. But there is a clear process for
    that as well ( eventually significantly increasing the number of hours).

    Regarding proofs : for the last 2 months, the French Police ( very efficient)
    has been recording the use of disabled people in street harassment( watching the disabled person being carried in a car, and waiting that they are at a certain position to then ask them to walk toward target).
    Just so you learn how people are ready to use disabled people, instead
    of financing rehabilitation sessions.

    Obviously, the methods to prevent Police reporting or taking Legal actions
    that will be quoted are attempts to charge the person with psychiatric problems,
    ( such as schizophrenia) , so as to make the person sounds like "lunatics"
    who invented the harassment.

    I am just gathering the proof we have.

    Also, I'll be contacting ...'s sister : because looking to it,
    basically all the people who used the office between
    february 2010 and may 2010 are actually also victims
    of being spied on, being deceived via use of identity theft of
    one person. So might as well include these victims as well.

    The aim is : to get the message out and clearly that
    1) always find out the real MOTIVATION
    2) sorry no, crime whatever it is should not be swept under the carpet,
    but handled via the Court of Law
    3) always go the Law Court first : one can even put a complaint
    for frivolous aspects like "emotional upset". So there is no escuse.

    Also, breaking news : the pyramids amateur, and marrakesh amateur
    you too have been taken for a ride and had someone substituted.
    Please ask the guy pyramid amateur brought in ( Person A), as well
    as the nigerian chauffeur ( Person A main right hand man) about it.

    * We do know now, that the nigerian chauffeur knows the identity of all
    the women sosies ( including the smelly and bearded one in June-July 2013),
    as a chauffeur who also organised to bring lookalike to Balmoral ( yes you read
    well), he also had a duty to tip off as an informant. I do not know if he
    did so. I do not know either if he was informant for various people, only
    that as a chauffeur who drives to UK royal properties, he had a duty of
    informing about anything he hears. Obviously, he chose to keep quiet
    on the prositution stuff he was involved in (at least approaching women and guys ( male on male prostitution) and making the monetary offer ).
    Remember : YOU hired this chauffeur.

    The sosies and lookalikes: the Nigerian is the one who took them from god knows where ( I do know they pic some straight from the streets, I do not know about if they do a "full background " check)
    and brought them wherever (Person A) demanded.

    The pyramid amateur knows very well the identitieS of (Person A) he brought in. Person A , knows very well the identity of the nigerian chauffeur.
    The lookalikes and sosies know very well the identity of their "supervisor".

    So now, do not bother me anymore about "telling the truth" : your guys
    are (Person A) and the Nigerian chauffeur YOU hired/used/trusted.

    I only used my private journals to reflect/hypothesize, and take extreme precautions
    when posting/writing for public use.
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  5. About the "female" who used look-alike , such as of the Lawyer Andrew McVeich, in Kiev :
    she learned the technque from , as she called "Satan".
    * If this "Satan" is indeed PersonA, then he indeed came in my office start of June 2010.
    * If it is not PersonA : I never met this person.
    He might have met a sosie/lookalilke/image clone provided or by "Satan" or the female.
    And he as others was deceived with the lookalile/sosie/image clone.
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  6. For those who do not understand what lookalike/sosie/image clone are :

    Used heavily for acting.
    But individuals can also get lookalikes ( via modelling agencies,
    actor search agencies), and some actually via image search
    in "renseignement" databases.

    A cheap one is to have people dress similar and similar haircut.
    You can also voice train someone to sound like another person.

    Yes, this thread contains many techniques :
    this will allow people to reflect very well on the use of normally
    "secret service methods" for personal "issues",
    and mostly for allowing anybody "with a vagina" to have access
    to this as long as she is willing to sleep around. Thus also
    her guys and even "Daddies".

    Let me conclude here :
    - I infromed from late 2011, about what was happening
    - you believed the slabnderers as you slept with his "females"
    - and you tried to pass what as said as lunacies :
    forexfactory.com being completely
    irresponsible for not alerting the legal enforcement authorities
    but having their own staff ( including Twee being deceived and
    used without supervision) to prevent any thread ( including in gossips)
    regarding "dangers to traders safety".
    - Luckily www.elitetrader.com was
    extrêmely responsible to consider any alert as valuable for
    consideration inspite of Daddy and "females" having tryed
    to block this thread via deceiving a moderator. Thanks to
    Baron for his wisdom.

    Well do not be surprised they get emboldened, richer and
    learned better techniques they then used against you as well.

    These methods have now spread into the "underworld" :
    - spieing in living rooms via television
    - changing a TV program to include films/videos they wish
    - hacking into mobile phones to get all contacts numbers
    - routing the hacked mobile phone into voice imitations phones
    - obviously using hidden cameras at the entrance of people
    home, before finding an opportunity to introduce this into
    people's homes.
    - image cloning
    - ghost identity theft

    Next time someone alerts of something, realise that it might be the
    start of something much bigger.
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  7. A bit of fun about Nigerians : even their own law makers have created a Law called 419
    and scam victims have created an interesting website where their "trophy room"
    is really worth it

    the comments are worth it:

    >is that a tattoo [​IMG]

    >Yes, it is a tattoo.

    >I cannot believe he tatooed himself. One day that guy may realise he's been f*#ked over and he will have a tatoo for the rest of his life to remember that he has. It just boggles the mind.

    >you made him get a tattoo?
    is there a thread explaining this?

    >I have not posted the bait yet. It is still ongoing. Basically, he got the tattoo to join my church. Sadly, the rev died before he got his money. Now he has made me two carvings to get money. Muhahaha.

    > LOl omg dude you need to make a tutorial on how to get them to do this

    > that is absolutely epic. I bow to you in display of my complete submission to your will.

    > He better hope he never spends time in prison.

    It's against rules, buth this lad truly deserves to know that he has been baited and has a tatoo to remember it for the rest of his life

    > The best picture here...

    Well done.
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  8. Obviously, I had a lot of good lafffing with perusing these "trophy threads" on
    these eaters of 149 scam artists.This obviously relaxes after reporting
    the last harassment incident.

    The book : first draft done. Doing first series of corrections.:):):)
    I should be able to send the first version this monday to one publisher.
    Interesting that one of his friend has something like 84 lawsuits this year.
    It looks like, around a douzen law suits have been done since January.
    Paying the salaries of 7 full-time lawyers.So I should meet them during one
    of the Law Court sessions.

    French way of doing things : Law Court , no nonsense like I have seen like
    harassing by proxy and hiding.

    The trading : well I am hearing people worrying about moving averages being too simple.
    In order to make it even simpler, I am looking to get alerts programmed to alert me when a moving average is around. And as now the harassment is being really dealt with ( changing the "main courantes" into Police
    "plainte" aka the Police now takes it up and starts tapping , sending
    legally binding communications, ask the services to search every email
    and ip and track people, etc...). I am glad I have been informed
    that it will take a bit of time, but the Police knows its job.

    It is thus time to do a Combine.
    From then, as of the Combine result, I will know if I can start loading a serious trading account. Annoyed to trade some futures when
    I was expecting they'd have some Forex combine.
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  9. :):):):):):)

    Let me repeat to one person : I am not really bothered about retaliation.
    Because :
    1) I prefer our culture , way of doing things. I trust our Police and our
    values to get to the bottom of this.
    We are not really into corrupting children, nor really into the
    same mentality as workplace mobbing, group mobbing, harassment by proxy culture.
    We prefer the Law Court, as at least 14 professionals
    ( judges, magistrates, prosecutors, etc...) can manage to get
    the truth out - even from masters of deception.
    Though it can take time : this is fine. They know their job.

    2) It was 5 years. Fine. But 5 years well spent :
    * one book coming out
    * the trading combine will be fine.
    I now know any emotional/psy problem is sorted.
    I even welcome patience, boredom and accept trading
    profits , as it is not gambling profits.
    * invaluable travel experiences that I will put to good use.

    So no, I really have better things to do.

    And of course, I have had ample demonstrations that

    It is just a question of time.
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  10. Yes : to report about the mobbing ( similar mentality to workplace mobbing,
    group mobbing, harassment by proxy, breach of privacy, image rights violations) here is a copy of how to do it.

    We have what we call "declaration de main courante" : this is a Police document, where the culprit(s) will not be contacted by the Police itself. It is to the victim to move the declaration with a lawyer for court situation, or it is automatically opened if anything happens to any person related to the case, and it is used for other Police cases.

    To provide your information

    in prenom : anonimiteVoulu
    in nom : anonymiteVoulu
    in addresse courriel : anonymite@voulu.com
    Sujet : "Je ne trouve pas de reponse a ma recherche"

    You can write the message in English

    Precise :
    " Reporting on Stalking, Spying, Harassment, Harassmenty by Proxy, Breach of privacy rights, Slandering and Defamation, Attempted coercion into Prostitution, Participating in Identity theft or identity substitution crimes, Using and Misusing of the victim's name, Deception to participate in illegal and criminal acts, Deception to participate in the hiding of illegal and criminal acts, Corruption and attempted corruption of Lawyers and Police Officers, Preventing the victim from defending its legal rights, Preventing the victim from accessing any Police or Legal protection, and others acts aimed at damaging the victim in many ways between 2010 and 2014.
    reference number is 2015/000537
    declaration le 06/01/2015 at Police Nationale service PROX/DC00/I810"

    Report : who, what, when, where, how.
    All your information between 2010 and 2015.
    The acts you know that took place, how this was done , including lies and manipulations
    that lead the person to do whatever actions. This is important so that down the line
    ( as we have around 40 people identified who "participated"), we can make sure that those manipulated inspite of themselves do not bear too much damage.
    As much information and details as possible.

    ALSO , do tip in the same way https://tips.fbi.gov : copy exactly the same information.

    Feel free to ask any question.

    Again thank you for helping.
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