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  1. i got a friend in jesus

    real time trades..coming
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  2. deaddog


    That's taking Holy Grail to a new level. :)
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  3. no. nothing like that, io'm ready to make some mobey

    mobey, is $$ in waiting, to make even more $$
  4. Tradex


    Amen, brother. :thumbsup:

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  5. Overnight


    Even Jesus was scourged before he went to heaven. Use caution.

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  6. Tradex


    No caution is necessary, we just need to repent.
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  7. "No caution is necessary..." ??

    You lost me on this....

    You won't last long in trading without caution. Maybe I misunderstood?
  8. Tradex


    I was talking from a religious point of view, sorry for the mix-up.
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  9. Thanks for clarifying!
  10. actively


    In Jesus we pray! Amen!
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