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  1. I like to do random volume analysis when i am bored and today i am playing with SPIR. If you read the financial pages of this company it's a real bad read.

    Surprisingly it's breaking out to all time highs. The last two press releases are all I could really find and one is about them setting up a large solar wafer making plant in Portugal. So they help big companies get into the solar game... maybe that's why it's $14.

    Going back some you will be surprised to see that the company has been around forever and eight years ago regularly traded 8 million shares. Alas the last big day was July 05 when it traded 12 million shares. It's been dead, dead, dead. The biggest volume up day was Jan 15 of this year 204K. Then between this Sept 20 & 24 it got a series of good days based off aforementioned press release, a 126 K day and a 382K day on Sept 24th. Since then very low volume not even pulling back. No sellers. This certainly deserves more DD and more volume but were this to pick up a 600K plus day this week I might have to take a chance with this " green " play. ~ stoney
  2. Well Here it is. Damn. Damn. Damn.

    I had to gut my account to get 800 shares in. Lets see what happens the volume came today just like I thought/feared... SPIR... It all happened after 1:00 pm when I had my eye off the ball and in the tub with my 3 year old. It's all HIS fault!!!

    ~ stoney
  3. This may be why-

    15:37:36 Comment U.S. clears way for solar, biomass loan support - Bloomberg.com is reporting the U.S. Energy Department has cleared the way for billions of dollars of loan guarantees for solar, biomass and "clean-coal'' plants, Secretary Samuel Bodman said. Loan guarantees offer financial support to sponsors of projects designed to encourage investment in cleaner energy plants that may not be built without them. Guarantees, which were approved by Congress in 2005, would support as much as 80% of the cost of projects, including 100% of the debt, Bodman said. The government will offer guarantees for solar, biomass, advanced vehicle and so-called clean-coal facilities with the goal of also including nuclear plants, should more money be made available, Bodman said today in a speech in Washington. "Substantial increases in the amount of funding that is available is needed'' to fund nuclear plants, Bodman said. - Well SPIR has the solar side of that covered!

    >> These guys help you make a solar wafer generating plant....ie the Company develops, manufactures and markets specialized equipment for the production of terrestrial photovoltaic modules from solar cells. The Company's equipment has been installed in more than 150 factories in 43 countries. In the solar systems area, the Company provides custom and building integrated photovoltaic modules, stand-alone emergency power back up and electric power grid-connected distributed power generation systems employing photovoltaic technology developed by the Company.

    >> SPIRE hasn't made a lick of money in years but all the bio mass chips seem to be falling into place. More tax incentives = more solar = more wafer demand = more plants... you could say we are the backside end of the industry. The compost pile of success. SPIRE Corp. ~stoney
  4. Those of you that came in at $14 may now exit at $22.44. The exit is to your left.

    ~ stoney
  5. Is time to get in EPG ?
  6. madmax I do like the animal waste plays but I would point you towards Covanta CVA a bigger better play.... ~stoney
  7. It's the same incentives that were passed years ago and the bill for extentions is being stonewalled in the Congress.

    Get your facts straight.
  8. Hydro what up grumpy? out of herb?

    That post is so damn old it probably was a year ago. I reshuffled it today because I sold. Solar vs wind.... in China in that big desert I'm about helping them go solar but for you and me it might be wind and AMSC.

    Peace.~ stoney
  9. It was 2 months ago, how freaking high are you?

    Enough with your pumping of stocks. You post your breakthrough "research" of companies that I was buying years ago, before they were cluttered with hype artists.

    I corrected you in your post, instead of getting defensive, try learning from it. I already you know that you talk mostly out of your a$$ about this industry. Your act is good, but I don't think it's fooling most of the members of this site anymore.
  10. Hydro you lie you never were into SPIRE until stoney's research gave it to you. The day you pick a stock that in two months does what SPIRE does is the day I fly to the moon. You were very defensive and you always get defensive when I bring you huge winners in the alt energy field. I remember arguing Deli Solar before it doubled, Canadian Solar before it tripled..., etc...

    Remember what a pumper does. And remember that stoney shares his research before he buys then he buys then he tells you when he sells... all you have to do is play along.

    If I were you I'd look out for " Mango " it's delicious and strong and if you were smoking that, you'd be making money instead of trying to correct anyone. You cannot correct perfection can you? ~ stoney
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